Northeast Georgia Military Officers

Northeast Georgia Military Officers

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Meet Arminda Hicks-Thorne


In 1990, nurse practitioner Arminda Thorne had two daughters who were pregnant and anticipating having their mother with them for labor and delivery .But the then-50-yearold Thorne had something else in mind. She joined the U.S.Army. The Hartwell native’s husband, Sam Hicks, had died so she had moved to Atlanta. He had been in the 82nd Airborne and because of his military background she had met a number of Army Reserve nurses. “Seeing them involved made me want to do that ,too,” she said. So, Thorne called up a recruiter and said, “I want to be all I can be. I want to join the Army.” According to Thorne, the recruiter told her, “We want you to be all you can be. I’ll be right over.” This was at the beginning of Desert Storm and the military was in need of medical personnel. Thorne went in as a first lieutenant and was assigned to a 1,000-bed hospital unit in Atlanta and her unit was called to active duty. She was sent to Eisenhower Army Medical Center in Augusta and then deployed to Fort Ord in California. Ironically, she was assigned to the labor and delivery unit. While she was unable to be there for her daughters when they had their babies, she was able to help countless numbers of service women and military wives with their pregnancies and deliveries. Thorne stayed in the Army for three years and now, when the 76-year-old looks back on her military experience she has nothing but fond memories. “I needed a new adventure,” she said. “I think life is about being on different adventures and doing those things that are important to you. Serving our country was extremely important to me. It was a great adventure.”

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